Why we are different.

(1) World’s first and only magnetic diaper backpack that operates with one-hand

  • No zippers to main compartment. Easiest most gratifying way to open a bag.

(2) Slide out magnetic diaper pad on a track

  • Integrates as a “bridge” that creates space between baby and the main body of the bag

(3) Integrated stroller straps

  • Chest straps that double as a magnetic stroller straps

(4) Grow with modular space

  • More space starts with compact space that moves from inside the bag to outside the bag

(5) Shelf Organizer

  • Diaper readiness starts with seeing more and fishing less


Read our Utility Patent (US 10,667,600 B2)

Read our Design Patent (US D901,878 S)


Thermal carry with a removable bottom for cleaning. Keeps items stored at temperature longer. Baby bottles, food and even standard bottle of wine (750ml)