This Is The Story Of A Road Trip That Changed Our Lives

Imagine this. You have embarked on an ambitious 340-mile road trip with your infant.

Your partner is driving. Your baby is crying, and it’s up to you to find the pacifier or teething toy in that black-hole of a diaper bag.

And after that, comes the diapering. Have you ever tried finding a family-friendly rest room on the road? It’s harder than finding ice in the middle of the desert. Suddenly, you realize that a long road trip with an infant is not as easy as you expected.

That’s exactly what happened to Sobonneth and Tony, the creative minds behind Vianetic.

Being first-time parents, they thought they had packed everything in their diaper backpack. But little did they know that their trusted diaper backpack would fail them. Flimsy zippers and dozens of tiny compartments made diapering even more challenging.

That’s when they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Sobonneth and Tony wanted to teach their baby daughter a valuable life lesson; that you do not have to settle for something that’s “good enough” if you can improve it.

And Voila!

Vianetic Was Born!

Reinventing The Bag

Vianetic’s signature diaper backpack promises to offer you three simple things; less frustration, ingenious organization, supreme comfort. In that order.

Designed to provide parents (and their babies) with a hassle-free experience, the Vianetic 5-in-1 diaper backpack will make diapering on-the-go 95% easier thanks to its revolutionary construction, unique features, and parent-approved design.